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About E-Systematic

E-Systematic is a MLS real estate platform.The platform aims to become the first of its kind and the “future of the Egyptian real estate industry. By using the latest algorithmic technology, Arab MLS real estate platform will connect potential homebuyers to listings all over the world. It will also provide buyers with easy access to everything they need along the way, from tax information to title documents.

Elbatrawy has recently raised over $250m for his real estate tech businesses in the Middle East


By combining their vast experiences in the world of real estate, Platform Lenders and CoreLogic plan to change the face of the Arab real estate industry. With a focus on simplified, accessible solutions, Arab MLS real estate platform promises to launch an exciting new era for Arab and international homebuyers.

A Revolutionary MLS Platform 






The Team

Certified Real Estate Innovator.


Venture Capitalist.

Real Estate Experience

A seasoned Realtor, trusted real estate expert, and serial entrepreneur, Elbatrawy is passionate about helping people realize their real estate goals. During his 25-year career, Elbatrawy has compiled more than half a billion dollars in real estate sales. He was recently awarded the RE/MAX Club’s Platinum Sales Agent Award. Elbatrawy became known as a high-end celebrity real estate agent after successfully selling the famous 72 Beverly Park property in Beverly Hills for 24.5 million dollars. 72 Beverly Park was previously owned by a well-known billionaire family in Saudi Arabia.

The Platform:


E-Systematic brings real estate technology that provides the Arab real estate markets with data that provides ….


The platform will provide exponential growth for the Arab real estate industry that has never been seen before


Powered by Core Logic’s MLS matrix, E-Systematic’s platform combines a data stack the likes of which the Arabian Real-Estate industry has never seen before. 

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